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Woodworm & Termite

Don't say 'goodbye' to your furniture.

The term woodworm or furniture woodworm identifies all those insects that develop inside wood. They are xylophagous, i.e. they feed on cellulose, lignin and starch of the wood, from birth to maturity.

Woodworms are some of the most difficult pests to remove because of their slow developmental stages and voracity.
An invasion of woodworm is a real pest that in most cases, lasts for many years.
If not treated quickly and effectively, the wood in your structure may crumble without you even noticing it.

If you notice small holes in the furniture, if you hear deafening noises at night coming from the wooden parts of your structure, if you see small spheres inside the grain and if there is wood debris in the form of dust, you have a woodworm infestation.

Anthirat saves wood with its ‘Green Room’!

Almost everyone tries to eliminate woodworm infestation with a liquid treatment. We have always discarded this type of intervention because we are highly trained on all pests and know that it would not work.

In fact, the incubation periods of the eggs of these creatures, can be up to several years! Therefore, a quick treatment with nebulized emission or infiltration of liquid/gel insecticide product that would not reach the depths would be practically useless and would ruin the wood.

After much testing, we have adopted our ‘Green Room‘ woodworm treatment system which we believe is the most effective on the market for 3 reasons:

  1. It completely eliminates the infestation and incubating eggs
  2. It can treat priceless objects and furniture without damaging or altering them
  3. It is completely environmentally friendly and harmless to your health and that of the wood.

How does our 'GREEN ROOM' work?

It is a steel room with insulated walls that, when closed, is completely isolated from the outside.
It measures 33 cubic meters and has controlled CO2, pressure, temperature and humidity.

It is equipped with heating and ventilation to protect 100% of the objects inside while maintaining ideal temperature and humidity conditions for wood.

Once the ideal conditions inside have been set, anoxic treatment with carbon dioxide begins, in accordance with the law. This treatment is the only one that works because it slowly penetrates all the pores of the wood, filling it completely.
The advanced ventilation system allows the uniform distribution of the gas and carbon dioxide captured by the wood.

Wood with woodworm infestation is treated for a period of 18 days. During this period, the treatment will prevent: reproduction, egg laying, hatching and flickering of any woodworm inside.

Our GREEN ROOM is also ECO-Friendly.

The room is powered by 100% renewable energy sources, has a powerful vacuum system and filters that are replaced after each treatment.

These filtering and suction systems, combined, allow the restoration of safe environmental conditions at the end of treatment.

The complete elimination of vapors and carbon dioxide in excess, eliminates any possibility of unwanted gas emissions into the atmosphere and allows the proper disposal of filtered material with ZERO environmental impact.

Termites, why are they worth 30 billion Euros?

This is the total in Euros of the damage and money spent worldwide on termite prevention and treatment.
These insects are silent, relentless and devastating. If the problem is in the wood of your structure, it’s most likely because of them.

No fear, Anthirat Control has the solution.

Termites have earned the nickname ‘invisible destroyers’ because you often only notice their presence when they have already created major structural damage.

Termites’ nests can arise both in the ground and in structures, but they always need certain ideal conditions such as: high humidity, darkness and high presence of carbon dioxide (typical of wood).

Skirting boards, window sills, foundations, crawl spaces, hollow trees, building material, moist soil; should be constantly monitored because they are all ideal places for termite colonies.

It’s easy to see that this can be a serious problem and more common than you think, so the way forward to avoid being invaded by these unwanted guests must essentially go through two things:

  • Monitoring
  • Prevention

Since these insects live in very hidden parts of structures, only the sophisticated tools of an expert can confirm whether or not you are suffering from an infestation. Examining every nook and cranny of your facility on an annual basis to advise you on whether you need a prevention program or urgent treatment is the way to go.

Too late to prevent? Here's how to get rid of termites with Termigard:

As specified above, termites are problematic to deal with because they live hidden and when you realize their presence, the colony and the damage caused, are already very extensive. Therefore, a specialist should be called immediately.

At Anthirat Control we do not use classic chemical treatments that only form a weak and temporary perimeter barrier against these insects, but a tactic that aims to attract termites out of their nests with an irresistible food bait: Termigard.

The bait is placed in a strategic location near the nest, after careful monitoring performed with specific instrumentation.

Termigard is not immediately lethal for the insects that come into contact with it, but it allows them to return to the heart of the colony so as to indirectly hit all the others and cause a domino effect.

This system can be installed both inside the structure and outside, both above and below ground, and allows the mass elimination of the whole termite colony!

Learn more about Woodworms and Termites:

Also known as the wood borer beetle and generically referred to as woodworm or furniture woodworm, this is the most common xylophagous (wood-feeding) insect indoors.

It is small, measuring 2 to 5 millimeters and the female is slightly larger than the male. It has six legs, two 11-section antennae and an oval-shaped body, with color ranging from dull red to dark brown.

Females lay 20 to 100 whitish eggs about half a millimeter in size. Eggs are laid inside cracks, splits or holes in the wood.
The larvae come out of the egg after 1 month and begin to dig tunnels of about 2 millimeters in diameter, feeding during the excavation and depositing sawdust composed of wood fiber and excrement (rosume).

As the larva matures, the time for flickering arrives. The larva transforms into a pupa and waits for the time necessary for the final development before flying away from the small hole visible from the outside of the wood surface.

This process can last up to 4 years, during which time you may not even notice any signs of infestation.
Common signs of an infestation of these insects are: tiny holes in the wood and small piles of light-colored sawdust near these holes.

They are voracious and extremely difficult to spot. It often happens that even furniture stores or manufacturers of wood pieces and structures, have infestations on the premises without their knowledge.

We recommend contacting a pest control professional to inspect and determine which woodworm is causing the damage (there are dozens of varieties) and whether it is an active infestation or damage from a previous infestation.

Isoptera or Termites are xylophagous insects, that is, they feed on the components of wood.

They are winged and able to fly and voluntarily detach their wings as soon as they find the ideal habitat to establish large colonies divided into real castes with each its own task.

The specimens of termite can be therefore winged, with reduced wings or without wings according to the sex and the role covered in the colony. Some specimens are dedicated only to reproduction, they can not even move, but only to mate and lay eggs.

The workers are the ones that create the most damage due to their task of building and extending nests and the continuous search for food throughout the colony.

Termites measure an average of 1 cm (queens can reach more than 5 cm), have a wide waist and soft body.
Their color varies depending on their role and evolutionary status and ranges from black, to brown, to white. They have 6 legs and two straight antennae.
The size of the head varies from proportionate to disproportionate (e.g. in soldiers), the same goes for the chewing mouthparts and mandibles.
The wings are large and membranous and can be detached if necessary.

They fly to an ideal spot and, once found, one male and one female start the offspring and become King and Queen of the colony. The colony grows fast and out of proportion and is constantly moving in search of food.

Termites play a vital role in nature, maintaining the balance by removing wood and cutting down dead plants.

However, when they invade homes, they become a serious problem and cause major structural damage.
Globally, economically speaking, they are the pests that cause the most damage ever.

That’s why contacting an Anthirat Control expert who will monitor and prevent the presence of termites with professional tools, is the best solution for your safety and your pocket.

Do you have an emergency?

Tell us which one, an expert will call you back in a few hours!

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