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Waste Disposal

Does the municipality take too long to collect waste?

It happens to everyone to have to dispose of waste and not have the opportunity to keep it in their facility for lack of space or not to endanger people.

Just think about how much waste material is generated after furnishing, changing appliances, or after yard work:

  • Polystyrene
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Branches, plants, leaves and shrubs

Other waste, on the other hand, is hazardous and you can’t risk keeping it stored while waiting for the agency to schedule a pickup appointment for you:

  • Electronic materials
  • Toners and cartridges
  • Household appliances
  • Filters
  • Spent Oils
  • Expired food stocks
  • Animal carcasses

Anthirat Control has the Flash Service!

By asking for our Flash Service with one click, you will activate a fast and functional process that guarantees: convenience, speed and fairness.

If you have to dispose of waste urgently, you can rest assured and rely on us specialists of Anthirat Control.

In a short time and at a reduced cost, we will be there to collect the waste with one of our professional vehicles.

You don’t have to worry about separating it, we will take care of the sorting and disposal according to the law!

Waste: cost or opportunity?

Waste is a global issue, increasing volumes of waste are generated as population and living standards increase. The environmental impact is very significant and the basic treatment that is done is not enough to minimize it.

Although recycling has been introduced for many years now, waste reprocessing is still in its infancy.
This is largely due to the poor performance of waste sorting and disposal operations.

The Campania region spends the most in Italy on waste management.
If you reside in this region, you pay more than any other citizen in Italy on the regional waste tax.

Anthirat Control’s Flash Service favors 3 things:

  • The reduction of waste taxes.

Improper sorting and disposal of waste, increase the costs of maintenance of sewerage networks, landfills and plants; in addition to increasing the amount of ‘undifferentiated’ fraction.
This fraction, is incinerated in waste-to-energy plants, which, however, can not operate continuously, but must be turned off from time to time to allow cleaning and maintenance of filtering systems.

When they are stopped, we are forced to transport and burn undifferentiated waste in other regions or abroad.
The costs for the operation and maintenance of the incinerators are very high but even higher are the costs to transport and incinerate outside the region; resulting in a constant increase in waste taxes.

  • Creation of plants for reconversion.

By increasing the quality and quantity of waste sorting, fewer personnel are needed to control and sort the sorted materials delivered, so less money is needed to pay these personnel.
A reprocessing plant can produce new items only if the waste is optimally sorted.

For example, bumps in the road are made from vehicle tires, cans and aluminum waste are used for fixtures, for furniture, for coffee makers; from plastic are made pipes, grommets, cans and much more.

The more attention is paid to sorting and disposal, the higher the percentage of subsidies and the creation of local factories for the reconversion of waste.

This significantly lowers the exorbitant costs of incinerating or transporting waste.

  • Quality of Life

Last on the list, but not least, is: increased quality of life.

Burning less waste, even if incinerators are up to code, still benefits the air we breathe and everything we eat and drink.

At Anthirat Control with the Flash Service, we provide free loan of use of HDPE plastic drums of different capacities to guarantee a fast and safe pick-up of exhausted oils and fats at home.

The collection is carried out thanks to our specialized staff and our vehicles specially designed not to disperse the oils in the environment.

The Flash Service for the disposal of waste oil is available for: condominiums, individuals, canteens, restaurants, bars, hotels, fryers, laboratories and food industries.

Do you know that it is forbidden and dangerous to spill exhausted oils in the sink or in the toilet?

The Ronchi Decree of 1997, from the Legislative Decree n. 152/2006 says that it is strictly forbidden to throw the used oil, both mechanical and food, in the drains or among the common waste because the oil is considered a hazardous waste not disposable.

Let’s look at some of the main problems you can have if you do:

  • Clogging of pipes and sewer systems with risk of rising of your own drains
  • Unpleasant odors from your drains
  • Increased cost of water purification for citizens
  • Contamination of groundwater
  • Contamination of surface waters (lakes, rivers, sea) with damage to the ecosystem, flora and fauna
  • Heavy penalties

Electronics are present in every aspect of technological development, both professional and private. The increase of obsolete and unused equipment implies a problem of disposal of this special waste.

Anthirat Control operates disposal, storage and recycling according to the law with specialized personnel, certified means and equipment. In this way, we guarantee the respect of current regulations, health and the environment.

Examples of WEEE waste that we treat:

  • All types of PCs and computer peripherals
  • Televisions
  • Cash registers and scales
  • Fixed and mobile telephone equipment
  • Spare parts in bulk (in cartons max 40x60x50 cm)
  • Large spare parts
  • Neon (tubes and fluorescent lamps)
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Lighting systems
  • Air conditioners of all types and sizes
  • Industrial plant in all its components

Paper and cardboard are easy materials to dispose of and recycle, but they take up a lot of space, especially if they are packaging waste products.
In Italy, paper and cardboard represent about 30% of the total waste, if disposed of correctly, they can be reused to produce new paper, saving many trees.

Recycling paper means: lower costs for its disposal, lower costs for its production, ecological protection of forest resources.
In Italy about 9 million tons of cellulosic products are consumed.

Of the waste produced:

  • 64% is recycled
  • 14% is burned to produce energy
  • 22% is used for other purposes (in fireplaces) or ends up in landfills.

Here is what waste in this category we collect with our Flash Service:

  • Newspapers, magazines, books, comics, and all commercial print media
  • Paper bags for food
  • Paper bags with handles
  • Paper sheets of all types and sizes
  • Containers of food products
  • Cardboard of products such as canned goods, yogurt and drinks
  • Boxes of shoes and clothing
  • Packaging, large and small, of products such as some detergents
  • The boxes of medicines and personal care products
  • Cardboard packaging of any shape or size
  • Cardboard packaging for fruit and vegetables
  • Beverage cartons (emptied, rinsed and flattened)

Anthirat Control’s Flash Service guarantees collection and disposal in accordance with the law for all Category 1 waste consisting of animal carcasses or products destined only for disposal:

1. All body parts, including hides, of the following animals

  • Animals suspected of being infected with a TSE, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 999/2001 or in which the presence of a TSE has been confirmed
  • Animals killed in the framework of TSE eradication measures
  • Animals that are neither farmed nor wild animals, such as companion animals, zoo animals, circus animals and experimental animals
  • Wild animals, if they are suspected of having diseases transmissible to humans or animals

2. Specified risk materials and, where not removed, whole bodies to dead animals containing specified risk materials

This category probably includes more business customers who sell foodstuffs.
These, are expired or not properly stored foods due to “cold failure” that Anthirat Control with the Flash Service collects and disposes properly for you:

  • Parts of animals suitable for human consumption but which are no longer intended for sale for commercial reasons
  • Parts of slaughtered animals declared fit for human consumption but showing signs of non-communicable diseases
  • Hides and skins, hooves, horns, pig bristles and feathers originating from animals which have been slaughtered in a slaughterhouse and have been found fit for human consumption following inspection before slaughter.
  • Blood obtained from animals, other than ruminants, slaughtered in a slaughterhouse after undergoing pre-slaughter inspection

Iron is a ductile and malleable metal widely used in construction, transportation, manufacturing of new alloys, tools, etc.

Most ferrous material waste comes from civil, industrial, artisan and commercial activities.
Anthirat Control helps companies and individuals to correctly dispose of these materials that can be completely recycled and have a new life.

What are the ferrous wastes for which you can request our Flash Service?

  • Food cans and jars
  • Aerosol cans for food, personal hygiene and paint
  • Metal closures for glass jars
  • Crown caps applied on glass bottles
  • Steel gift boxes
  • Drums, pails and tins
  • Large drums for the oil, chemical, petrochemical and food industries

Ferrous materials can be recycled an unlimited number of times, with considerable savings in raw materials and energy and a consequent reduction in the amount of waste.
Despite this, every year, 600 thousand tons of steel packaging ends up in the trash.

That’s the equivalent in weight of 300 thousand cars or 60 large ships each year.
To understand how useful it is to correctly dispose of ferrous materials as Anthirat Control does with its Flash Service, I will provide you, some interesting numbers:

Recycling 10/15 cans you can get a foil
Recycling 100/200 crown caps you can get a wrench
Recycling 300/350 drums you can get the body of a Fiat 500
Recycling 900/1000 cans you can get a bench
Recycling 1000/1500 cans of tuna you can get the frame of a bicycle
Recycling 2.600.000 cans you can realize 1 km of railway track

Do you have an emergency?

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