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Rodent control

Rodents are crafty and fast!

Rodents reproduce very quickly, so time is of the essence. The colony should be targeted when it is small to avoid a serious infestation. A rodent prevention strategy is always the best way to protect hygiene and health.

Anthirat is faster than them!

Anthirat Control offers quick analysis and monitoring to pinpoint the problem and protect your home or business from all types of rodents.  If you notice signs of their presence such as scratches on walls, droppings, gnawing marks on walls, corners or food containers, take advantage of our Free Inspection immediately!

How can I tell if there are rats or mice in my facility?

Rats and mice, don’t often show up in people’s view, but the signs of their presence are clear:

  • small pieces of food missing

  • gnawing on objects

  • marks and scratches on the edges of less hard materials

  • droppings

  • rub marks or stains along perimeters (as they walk along an edge, they deposit oils and fur debris)

If you have detected any of these signs, call us now or send us photos via one of our channels (email, social, messaging), in no time we will be at your place, free and without obligation, to inspect your problem.

How do you fight an infestation of rodents?

The deratization has as its objective to eliminate the presence of mice and rats.
To achieve this goal, you go to analyze and intervene on three key factors:

  1. Sanitation measures
  2. Reduction of the colony carrying capacity
  3. Reduction or elimination of the colony

1. Sanitary Measures

The most effective control begins with prevention. Waste should be disposed of properly and sanitary conditions maintained. Both human food and pet or livestock food should be stored in hermetically sealed containers.

Any water leaks, standing water or moisture should be dried and repaired. Piles of wood in contact with the ground and piles of weeds or other piles useful for sheltering rodents should be removed.

2. Reducing the carrying capacity of the colony

Reducing carrying capacity means limiting their access to food, water, shelter and nests.

Rodents are able to thrive quickly and pass through holes barely a quarter the size of their bodies, so the following steps should be taken to prevent them from doing so:

  • Seal all possible entry points such as sewers, holes, hidden crevices and vents

  • Repair or replace damaged ventilation grates

  • Seal all openings around pipes, cables and wires that enter through walls or foundations
  • Ensure that protective mesh around openings is in good condition

  • Because roof rats often enter by climbing trees and passing through other “bridges,” make sure the latticework and all protective elements at the top of the structure are in good condition

  • If they exist, cover plumbing vent pipes with metal latticework

  • Ensure that all exterior doors are tight and strong at the bottom

3. Reduce or eliminate the colony

Whether you are trying to limit or eliminate the rodents infesting the area of interest, the procedure is always difficult because they are very cunning and suspicious creatures and any significant alteration to their paths and habits would risk blowing the plans.
It is always recommended that you contact us professionals first to avoid unnecessary waste of money and time.

Consulting with an expert in the field helps you understand techniques and secrets to discover what kind of rodent is infesting the structure, where they are, what routes they use to move, what kind of action you should plan to safely reopen the business, how to set traps and baits to make them effective.

Rodents are very suspicious of anything new they find along their paths.

Looking for signs of their movements, nests, gnawing and droppings is the daily work of our specialists. 

Resorting to DIY by catching a single rodent does not end the problem.

Poisoning a few by letting them die inside their burrows risks adding another problem.

The stench of a rodent carcass is so unbearable that it has sometimes been necessary to drill holes in the walls to eliminate it.

To avoid this hassle and waste of time, we always advise you to turn to us professionals of Anthirat Control

Fast, precise, impeccable

At Anthirat Control, we offer you the highest quality in our services. We have more than 60 years of experience and we are constantly training our staff to satisfy you.

We are very thorough and offer specialized control services and treatments for over 100 species of pests.Some of our services, require an inspection first to ensure accurate estimates.

Do you have a problem? Do not hesitate to contact us through one of our communication channels: email, Social, WhatsApp

Learn more about rodents:

Widely found in all places near water populated by people, they are commonly called Brown Rats or Sewer Rats.

They have brown or gray fur with a gray or brown belly part.
They can weigh from 200 to 500 grams and reach up to 40 centimeters in length.
The Norwegian rat tail is scaly to the touch and shorter than the total length of the head and body.
The ears are small, scaly and have no fur.
The droppings are capsule-shaped.

Norway rats nest in underground burrows in building foundations, under garbage or woodpiles, and in wet areas in and around gardens and fields.
Nests may be lined with paper, cloth, or other fibrous material. They usually enter buildings in search of food. While searching for food and water, they usually travel an area about 30-45 meters in diameter; they rarely travel more than 50 meters from their burrows.
The female Norway rat has 4 to 6 litters per year and can successfully wean 20 or more young per year.
When Norway rats invade buildings, they are unlikely to go to the upper floors.

Norway rats are omnivorous but prefer meat, fruits, grains and nuts. They may also feed on carcasses and hunt small animals. Their colonies always arise as close to a water source as possible. They have limited agility on land, but are excellent swimmers.

Also called the Black Rat or Roof Rat, this is a widespread species that easily colonizes all areas of the world most populated by humans.

They can reach up to 40 centimeters in length and their hairless tail is often as long as their body or even longer. Their weight ranges from 150 to 300 grams. Their smooth fur ranges in color from black to dark gray with an off-white or gray belly. It has large ears, large eyes and a pointed snout.

This species, prefers to nest in high areas, on trees, lush shrubs, dense climbing vegetation or on roofs, attics, walls, countertops and cabinets. They are excellent climbers and often access structures by walking along tree branches, cables or wires. They are very nimble and flexible and can pass through openings just over 1 inch wide.

Specimens of this species, descend from their nests when they need food and can travel up to 100 feet away. They are often seen at night running along overhead power lines or along the tops of fences using their long tails to stabilize their balance.

They prefer fruit but are practically omnivorous and need water constantly.
They can cause a lot of damage: they gnaw on wires, contaminate food, damage furniture, walls and cause health problems because they are vectors of many diseases (salmonella, murine typhus, etc.).

Also called the Common Mouse, it’s the most common rodent in the world. It has ancient Asian origins and has spread throughout the world through boat holds.

These rodents, range in color from light gray to dark brown and range in size from 11 to 15 centimeters in length. They are equipped with sharp, flat teeth and have long, dark tails.

The gestation period of females is only three weeks and over the course of a year and a half they can produce up to twelve litters of up to six individuals each.


Despite their name, “house mice” do not normally live in structures, however, they can invade them by leaving nests nearby if the weather gets too harsh. House mice do not hibernate, so in the winter months they seek warm shelter with food and water sources, preferring attics or hollow parts of walls.

They are able to fit through holes no larger than an inch, so they can easily enter your structure, build nests and drill holes in furniture and containers where there is food and water. They prefer protein, but will settle for almost anything.

House mice are vehicles for many diseases such as salmonella and 200 other pathogens, so they pose an immediate threat to humans or domestic and farm animals.

The Wood Mouse is one of the most common rodent species in Italy.

It can measure almost 20 centimeters in total, and weigh up to 23 grams.
It has light brownish-brown fur with a white belly. In some specimens there is a yellow spot on both sides and chest. It has large black eyes, rounded ears and hind legs longer than the front ones.
The female has a gestation period of 25-26 days, and gives birth to up to 6 young. Each female can have five broods per year and the young begin to breed when they are just five months old.

It is mainly active at night and usually lives in colonies of many individuals. It tends to form large family groups and defines its own territory of about 1000 square meters.
Inside this territory, the field mice create tunnels under the layer of leaves and shrubs and underground galleries that lead to openings with a diameter of about 4 cm.
These tunnels converge in underground nests used for sleeping or for giving birth to pups.
These mice can also use abandoned bird nests or dry and quiet areas of structures. They are fast, agile and cover up to a meter in length with a single jump.

The diet of these mice consists mainly of seeds, grains, acorns, nuts, fruits, mushrooms, and insects but will stockpile any food if they get the chance.

Do you have an emergency?

Tell us which one, an expert will call you back in a few hours!

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