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Dusting Archives

Books are NOT created to remain closed.

Libraries, Historical Archives, Repositories, Libraries are magical places, full of culture and full of answers. Places where you can immerse yourself in reading, in history and where everything happens more slowly than the digital reality we are used to today.

Often these places are poorly protected for lack of funds, staff, skills or lack of time. Protecting them means protecting our knowledge, and this is a fundamental thing for a society that wants to call itself civilized.

Even between historical volumes and seemingly immobile, solemn and eternal documents, there are visible and invisible enemies that can destroy knowledge and create health problems for readers.

Moisture, moulds, microbes, germs, spores, bacteria, chemicals, insects are practically invisible and silent but can be devastating for any place of collection of documents and volumes.

To the risk of destruction of paper, there is also the risk for the health of those who frequent, for work or pleasure, these places.

The “Professional Duster” service from Anthirat Control, offers tailor-made solutions to repair or prevent damage to both modern and historical volumes and documents.

Dusting Professional

Weather conditions, prolonged periods of time, temperature, humidity are all factors that can make the difference between perfect preservation or not of valuable books, manuscripts and documents.

Anthirat Control specializes in applying preventive techniques and specific treatments to ensure that these factors do not affect the conservation status of these objects.

Our team of specialists will make an appointment inspection during which they will thoroughly analyze the problem or conditions that could cause one and will advise you whether to proceed with immediate treatment or with a prevention program.

University Archives, Religious Archives, State Archives, Ministerial Archives, Judicial Archives, Historical Libraries are the perfect example of places that rely on a type of preventive treatment.

This type of preventive service is highly recommended when storing volumes or documents of great importance and value.

Anthirat Control, thanks to its advanced instrumentation and field experience, is specialized in detecting factors and causes of deterioration and health risk within these places.

By contacting us, an appointment will be made for a free inspection and the steps to be taken to ensure protection and safeguard the place where the volumes and documents are stored will be evaluated.

The actual intervention differs according to the problem found, in any case we can carry out fumigation, dehumidification, hand dusting, dusting with machinery, chemical reagents, etc.

The issuance of useful certifications to certify the intervention and allow the reopening, are the last step that perfect our work.

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