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Bed Bugs

Negative Reviews ALERT!

If you have any accommodation, you should know that Bed Bug is a small parasite that can greatly affect your business and trigger a series of negative reviews in a very short time.

Bed bugs are parasites that are commonly found in the sleeping areas of houses, hotels, B&Bs and all accommodation facilities. At night they feed on blood and during the day they live near the beds of their guests.

The technique we use to eradicate an infestation of bed bugs without blocking your business, is a 100% ecological nitrogen-based intervention (element already present in nature).

Anthirat Control performs the interventions with products registered to the Ministry of Health and professional instruments. 

However, being parasites very resistant and do not form real colonies but tend to form small groups or isolate, it is likely that some specimens escape single treatment.

This is why we recommend that you consider the “Anthirat Check-In” plan.

Before the surgery, we will analyze your spaces with an in-depth, free and without obligation inspection.

The “Anthirat Check-In” plan for accommodation will be proposed only when we detect an infestation.

This plan involves a series of surgeries without blocking your business. A first intervention will immediately resolve the most intrusive infestations, then begin a course of treatments in the following months to ensure that any parasites left alive do not reproduce. All this is 100% ecological, safe for the environment, for your staff and for your guests.

Thanks to the 100% Eco-friendly “Anthirat Check-in” plan, you can continue your activity without worrying about these unwanted guests.

If you have an Accommodation, do not waste time:

Bed bugs are small brown parasites of oval shape. They feed exclusively on the blood of animals and humans while they sleep. Their bites produce showy skin redness, severe itching and reactions in allergy sufferers.

Immediately after eating, they change color to a bright red color that gradually fades back to brown in digestion. Bed bugs grow lighter and brown as they mature. They are quite resistant and although they normally feed on blood every five to ten days, they are able to survive several months without eating. Bed bugs do not have nests but tend to gather in small groups.

Under favorable conditions, immature Bed Bug specimens can fully develop in a single month and produce three or more generations each year.

They do not jump and do not fly, but they are fast enough and do not fear displacement to feed.

They are more active at night and can easily move between adjacent rooms or units through empty spaces, ventilation systems, electrical ducts or through a guest.

Discover the 100% Eco-friendly “Anthirat Check-in” plan to continue your business without worrying about unwanted guests contributing to negative reviews.

Learn more about Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are hematophagous parasites that live in the sleeping areas of houses and accommodation facilities.

Almost always at night, they feed on the blood of mammals (even human) and during the day they live near the beds of their guests.

They are small parasites, ranging in size from 0.635 to 1.27 centimeters.

They have oval shape, brownish colors, flat bodies and six legs.

Immediately after sucking the blood from the host, they take on a bright red color that gradually fades into brown as they digest.

They are born very light in color and become dark brown as they grow.

They are quite resistant, although they feed on blood every five to ten days, they are able to survive several months without feeding.

They do not have nests, but tend to gather together in their “hunting” environment. Under favorable conditions, bed bugs can fully reproduce in just one month and lay eggs three or more times a year.

They don’t jump, they don’t fly, but they’re fast on the move. They can easily move between adjacent rooms or units through voids in the walls or following new guests for the need to feed.

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