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Do you have an infestation in your home?

Let us make your home safe again by eliminating any type of pest that has invaded it.

Pest control, rodent control and sanitization also for apartments and independent houses.

We take care of your environment and we guarantee a long-lasting result. We intervene quickly, responding to every type of need and using non-aggressive ecological products.

Our working method:

1. Inspection

After contacting us through one of the many contact details, you will be asked a few simple questions and an appointment will be scheduled depending on your availability.

The inspection is discreet, attentive to your requests and serves to understand if you have an infestation in progress or if you need to take measures to prevent it.

2. Treatment

Our operators are highly specialized and all our products and machinery are certified by the Ministry of Health.

Only after explaining what we are going to do and only after your consent, we will start a treatment that takes care of the environment and the safety of those who live in it.

3. Report

We will tell you what to do to safely return to your space and to keep your environment healthy after the procedure.

Based on what we found in the inspection and the treatment performed, we will advise you on the best way to avoid future problems.

4. Monitoring

Do you still have problems after our treatment? Don’t worry, it can happen, some infestations are difficult to eliminate.

If the infestation reappears after a few days, we will come back to you to intervene for free!

Send us a request to get a quick, free response from one of our experts: