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The Green side of Anthirat

Ecology applied to the world of Pest Control

Prevent, is more Ecological.

Since 1960, our job has been to rid your home or business of pests and infestations while protecting the environment in which you live or work. We work daily to minimize our impact on the environment while providing you with pest-free facilities.

Our choices to use environmentally friendly products or products with a very low environmental impact for pest control,

also reflect our company policy of saving on office consumables and in other business areas.

Our goal for the near future is to aim for corporate sustainability by basing our investments on the transition of Anthirat Control s.r.l. to Enterprise 4.0.

Our prevention plan, ‘Anthirat Help’, monitors changes in both the habits and resistance of pests to the products used and adapts quickly to these changes.

The research that is carried out by specialized laboratories and on which we are periodically informed, highlights the discoveries of new natural and ecological principles that are effective in the fight against pests.

We at Anthirat Control are always in favor of the use of these new ecological products, especially in our long-term prevention plans.
Our goal is to provide 100% eco-friendly service within a few years with our ‘Anthirat Help’ prevention program.

What does 'ECOLOGICAL' mean in Pest Control?

On the production side, it is an imposed standard that obliges manufacturers to use 100% recyclable materials for packaging and relies on continuous scientific research in laboratories to identify and develop new pesticide substances with high concentrations of natural ingredients.

From the company side (of Anthirat Control s.r.l.), it is a choice that the Pest Control company decides to implement by certifying itself for the possession, the transport, the use of these new products and for the elimination of pests in respect of human health and the environment.

Only you, the final customer, can experience our complete work and the quality of the service we offer you.
For this reason we are always interested in knowing, after every working contact you have had with us, what you think of the results and how we can improve.
It is up to you, the customer, to judge whether our changes are effective or whether we need to take another step forward.

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